Video and live streams

Though trained and full time in audio production, I am a keen video maker, particularly music videos and events.

I enjoy telling stories with music videos and pushing my creativity. In this video for rock band Silvercoast, I played with the idea of manipulated memories; in this case removal of an ex partner from the main characters memories, but a longing for the way that life was during that relationship.

In this video of a song by The Oxygen Thieves, I placed the political elite antics during the corona virus lockdown in to a micro situation- a pub, with the idea of “one rule for us, another for them”, but with the People, taking back control.

Live Videos

I have produced many live videos- audio and video together- including a series of sessions which were broadcast on BBC Radio Nan Gáidheal. Here is a compilation of some of them.

Promo videos

If you’re in a wedding band, I can help you with a promotional video like this one from The Northern Nights. These tracks were recorded in the studio live with overdubs, then the video filmed later.

Live Streams

If you have a live event, award ceremony or conference that you want broadcast to the public over Youtube, Facebook or other platforms, I can provide a multi-camera stream with good sound, either as a single person or leading a crew, depending on the size of the production/ budget.

Contact me on [email protected] or phone/text on 07951077148.